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ClassicUO Setup Guide


NOTE: You need 7zip to decompress this archive. It is available HERE

If you have WinRar here is the client in .rar form CLASSISCUO RAR

ClassicUO Setup:

The ClassicUO client is a new Ultima Online client that runs at 60FPS with smooth graphics. The game window can be dragged and resized.
This client also has tons of new features as well as built in Razor features. Now you no longer need to use Steam or Razor to connect
because this client is standalone and is pre-unencrypted. If you download it from our site, the only thing you need to configure one
time only is where you have our other client stored on your pc. This is so ClassicUO can use the maps, music, and graphics from our client.
To use this client, you still need to have our custom client installed somewhere on your pc, or at least the data files.
ClassicUO needs them to load graphics, maps, and music. Our custom client is available HERE
If you have been playing here already, then you already installed it.

Go into your ClassicUO folder and open the "settings.json" file with any text editor.
I have already filled in the rest of the file for you to make things easier.
Find the client location line and change it to reflect where your client files are i.e.
the UO Data Files location you use in UORazor. Note that you need to use 2 backslashes...
for example, if my UOSunrise client files are in C:\uo\Client then in this file I will set
it as C:\\uo\\Client\\

If ClassicUO crashes then you probably need to set it to run as Administrator. To do this
right click the ClassicUO.exe and click "properties". Select the "Compatibility" tab and
check "run as administrator". Now the client should work. Feel free to ask for help on Facebook
or the forums.
Once you've done that you're all set. Note that you can set other options so you don't even have
to type in account information anymore.
UOClassic has a wiki of macro setup and many other things at UOClassic Wiki

If you need assistance, pm me on facebook or open a thread in the bugs section on our forums.

Thanks to all of you who have been help

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