UOSunrise Ultima Online - Donations

This shard does not require donations, but we do accept them in order to buy advertising to bring in new players, pay the hosting, and upgrade the server.
Most, if not all, items do drop in the game. The donation gifts are here if you'd like to support the server and get an item/s ahead of the game. Choose an
item you'd like below, and once your transaction is complete, there is a stone in the central bank where you can immediately pick up your item with no wait.
Should you have any problems, page Mr. T in game or send an email to uosunrise@mail.uosunrise.com - Donation items are not refundable. Should you wish to
exchange an item for another, this is up to the GameMaster online. In most cases this is acceptable if the item is not a consumable and you haven't had the item
a long time. For example, asking to trade a weapon for another a month after you got it will likely be denied so choose what you want with care. All items are lsited
as digital items on PayPal and by donating for them, you are agreeing that you will not file a dispute with PayPal. Filing a PayPal dispute in order to try to get an
item for free will result in a complete firewall of all account I.P. addresses and a counter-claim filed against the account filing the dispute. We respect your PayPal
account, so please do the same for us

Sunrise Scrolls

Once you have paid for your scrolls, use [CheckDonate
and you will immedaitely get your scrolls without waiting. Then you may use the Sunrise Scrolls on the Sunrise Scrolls Stone in the bank.